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Moonki MO-R88BT Bluetooth
With special focus on the mid-range of audio solutions with special features, Moonki presents on this occasion its waterproof Moonki MO-R88BT wireless portable speaker, 40 mm drivers and a range of up to 6 hours with medium volume. We tell you about our experience of use and its main functions that are attractive a priori.

Its presentation is simple with the company's seal indicating its most outstanding qualities on its cover. It comes with a user manual, small guides and a micro-USB cable for power charging.

With a vertical design of 128 x 90 x 90 mm with an intermediate weight of 488 grams, being easy to handle and hold on any type of surface, in a completely black color and its shades, also integrating colored lights once turned on. Basically, its structure is made up of a resistant metal grid with a soft rubber coating (for protection from light blows) where a cord is integrated to transport or hang it in a practical way.

It also meets the IPX6 rating confirming protection from solids and liquids entering, which could damage electronic components. For example, this product has no problem accompanying you to the side of your pool. In addition, it implements TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology that allows you to play music using two identical units connected simultaneously.

It has 40 mm drivers with an output power of 2*8 watts, a frequency of 20Hz – 20 KHz, and is compatible with Bluetooth V5.1 , with a range of up to 10 meters.

At the top are the buttons for play/pause, volume (+/-) and the start or shutdown button. It has a tiny LED indicator that turns red when it's charging.

With a fairly thick rubber cover (which does not get lost when held) we have the USB-C (5V1A) input for power charging. It also integrates an auxiliary input.

user experience

Its handling is practical and its robust design is appreciated. We start with the pairing of the speaker both on PC (Windows 10) and on a smartphone (with Android operating system) being a very quick process. We are going to submit it to play a variety of music tracks to find out its power and treble/bass detail.

Its two Rainbow effect rings at both ends of the unit stand out aesthetically, thus providing a much more attractive and striking visual appearance from anywhere you look at it.

Its output power is within acceptable parameters with good bass but somewhat washed out and adequate treble, although it is convenient not to exceed 80% of the volume so as not to generate distortions. Its duration of autonomy is important, with an estimate of 5 hours depending on the degree of volume and time of use. Its charge is relatively fast.

Certain limitations are appreciated but in general it offers an admissible sound that allows you to listen to different types of songs where its imprint is more noticeable in closed environments. Here is an example of the sound captured on video (so you have an idea of ​​what to expect):


In this case, we have a Moonki wireless bluetooth speaker with a TWS function (which allows the same device to be linked) with an acceptable sound quality , ideal for pairing with portable devices such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Of course, it does not have a microphone but I think that it is not a negative quality for this product since, at least particularly, it is not something that it would use if it had.

Among the number of wireless bluetooth speakers on the market, the Moonki MO-R88BT stands out for its robust structure, easy handling and a very attractive colored ring aesthetic, giving the illusion that it is a gamer model although it is not. be.

In short, it has a good presentation, offers acceptable sound and above all it is an economically accessible option in case you want to put together a duo.

In Argentina, the distribution is in charge of HDC. They can be found in Musimundo, Frávega and Carrefour among other stores in the country.

The good

  • TWS technology.
  • Robust design with multicolor rings and splash resistant.
  • Ideal to take everywhere.
  • Auxiliary input.

The bad

  • There is nothing to highlight.

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