Moonki MO-R88BT [REVIEW]

Moonki MO-R88BT [REVIEW]

Moonki MO-R88BT [REVIEW]

Powerful the little one, and he has little lights

Moonki Sound is a new brand dedicated to audio devices with which we came into contact, in this case we tried the MO-R88BT, a little speaker that brings it to itself.

The MO-R88BT is a bluetooth speaker that will delight users who are interested in having an extremely portable speaker for listening to music, giving presentations or streaming videos. In this compact case, since it measures just 128x90x90 mm and although it weighs a heavy 488 grams and is capable of developing a total power of 16W (2x8W) .

Thanks to the Bluetooth standard, it is capable of reproducing audio from sources such as cell phones, tablets or notebooks up to 10 meters away (although in our tests it has gone further without losing quality) completely wirelessly, thanks to the fact that it also has a battery 1500mAh internal battery that gives it an autonomy of approximately 6 hours at medium volume. Charging is done through a USB-C connector from any PC (provides the cable), or if we want we can use a wall charger like the one used by smartphones. To leave it fully charged we need 3 and a half hours.

It is a device that comes in black but the advantage is that it has 2 RGB rings that can do different light effects to animate things .

The specifications of the MO-R88BT

Inside the MO-R88BT we have two respectable 40mm speakers that allow us to have forceful audio as well as some pretty decent bass for its size (according to Moonki, the frequency response is 20Hz to 20kHz). In addition to having a built-in microphone for hands-free , the MO-R88BT has something interesting, that if we use two MO-R88BT and couple them, we have a complete TWS stereo system.

And finally, it's IPX6 certified , which makes it waterproof (although it's not submersible, since that's IPX7) so it's an ideal speaker to take to the beach or pool in the summer.

We also have 4 control buttons. Two for volume control, one for turning the speaker on and off, and one for play/pause.

MO-R88BT tests

We've been using the MO-R88BT with multiple devices: An iPhone, an iPad, and a bluetooth-enabled notebook for different things.

With the cell phone listening to music it works perfectly , the volume controls and track control work well and the quality of the calls is very good.

Using a tablet we watched some YouTube videos and the sound is good and clear (especially in the mids and high-mids where it has good clarity), and for the size of the content it has decent bass . With the speaker “fully” a slight distortion appears, but lowering a point the volume disappears and it has a fairly forceful flow of sound.

And finally with the laptop we gave a video presentation in a 5 x 5 meter room and the MO-R88BT managed to provide substantially better audio than the laptop's built-in speakers thanks to the 16W of power.


This MO-R88BT is a product that joins the arena of bluetooth speakers with an appropriate price of $9,600 (Argentine pesos) .

As positive aspects we can mention that it has a very good sound (especially in the vocal range), it sounds loud for its size, bluetooth works seamlessly, it has RGB for those who like it and it allows us to have real stereo sound if we put two speakers .

If you are looking for a compact wireless speaker to keep in your backpack or bag when you are on the go and that also makes a lot of noise, this MO-R88BT is all you need. For all this, we award this Moonki MO-R88BT the Gold medal [UNBREAKABLE]. [Yo]

Note: Thanks to Walter Barnes of b.Otro Plan and the folks at Moonki for loaning us the speaker for review.

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